Special Instructions for Completing the Exploratory Project Application

The Northeast Center will fund up to three (3) Exploratory Projects (awards of up to $5,000) in 2023 to support planning, development, and piloting efforts that are expected to lead to a future ERME Education Project. These small projects will submit a modified version of the full application.

  1. Select “2023 Exploratory Projects” from the funding category list under the Northeast ERME tab in the RVS and click “Start a New Application”.
  2. Enter a brief and descriptive title for the proposed project (Word Limit: 15)
  3. Enter the email address of the Project Director (PD). The PD must have an account in the RVS prior to making an application.  To invite the PD to register in RVS, enter the name and email address of the project director and click “Send Invitation to Project Director”.
  4. Complete the following sections:
    • Project Information
    • Project People
    • Project Overview – provide an overview of what you plan to do and accomplish during the project period.
    • Proposed Outcomes – Proposed risk management results are what you anticipate participants will learn, achieve, and apply through their participation in your project. At the end of your program delivery, the proposed risk management results should put producers in a better position to manage their overall financial risk. Do not confuse the actions your project team takes or materials they develop with the proposed risk management results for producers.
    • Audience Emphasis
    • Producer Demand – If you have documentation of producer demand relevant to what you propose to do, provide it here. This effort may also serve as an opportunity for you to determine the feasibility of a program and/or investigate whether or not there is producer demand for the proposed work.
    • Project Team
    • Project Collaborators
    • Review of Past Projects
    • Additional Regions (N/A)
    • Amount Requested – Up to $5,000 including indirect costs. A detailed budget must be uploaded as a Required Document. These projects will be set up as subawards, and costs incurred by the project organization will be submitted for reimbursement to the sponsored programs office at the University of Delaware.
      • Indirect Costs – We suggest omitting Indirect Costs for these small awards. However, if included, Indirect Costs for projects submitted under this RFA may not exceed the lesser of the institution’s official federally negotiated indirect cost rate or 30% of the total Federal funds awarded. If your organization does not have a federally negotiated indirect cost rate, an F&A rate of 10% can be used.
    • Budget Narrative – Enter your Budget Narrative information directly into the online application system. Identify and describe costs associated with each budget line item amount. Detailed instructions are available in: (i) Appendix A to this RFA (Budget and Budget Narrative Instructions); (ii) the online application Instructions; and (iii) Application Resources (http://extensionrme.org/Resources.aspx#RVS).
    • Required Documents – All submitted applications must contain a completed and signed ERME Cover Sheet (SF424), and an ERME Budget Form. Both documents are available for download in the online application system, under the “Resources” tab (http://extensionrme.org/Resources.aspx#RVS).
      • ERME Cover Sheet (SF424) – a fillable PDF template that must be completed and signed by the applicant organization’s authorized representative or fiscal agent. Applicants must upload the Cover Sheet as a PDF document.
      • ERME Budget Form – a fillable PDF template that must be completed and uploaded as a PDF document.
    • Submit your proposal by the November 17, 2022 5:00 PM EST