By on April 21, 2017

Extension Farm Management “Whole Farm” Tour at the National Farm Viability Conference – May 22 – 24, 2017

The Northeast Extension Farm Management Committee will conduct an interactive program to educate participants about common farm management matters by looking at the whole farm as opposed to individual risk areas to create a memorable learning experience.  This “Whole Farm” tour is one of the educational programs at the National Farm Viability Conference that is being held May 22 – 24, 2017 in Albany, New York.  This Whole Farm program is offered as one of the farm tour options on May 23rd.

At our program, participants will stop at different educational stations on a farm where a subject matter expert will provide a short explanation of a topic and will then facilitate discussion on the topic.  This is a true co-learning experience.  The intended outcome for the participants is to have an understanding of the farm as a whole system.  Further, participants will have an increased level of awareness about farm management parameters to consider when they are making recommendations to help farmers manage and sustain their agri-businesses.

Our program will educate participants about:

  • Goal Setting/Problem Solving
  • Farm Financial Health
  • Record Keeping
  • Enterprise Selection
  • Marketing

Who should participate?  Northeast educators, academics and other agricultural service providers from diverse backgrounds who want to explore the whole-farm interactions of their areas of expertise, with the goal of making practical recommendations that will assist in whole-farm planning and increase the sustainability of farmers they serve.

Cost:  Conference registration is $225 for the entire conference, or $150 for one day.

Travel Assistance: A limited amount of travel assistance will be available from the Northeast Extension Risk Management Education Center.  Please note that to be eligible for travel assistance, recipients must register for and attend the entire conference (and stay at one of the host hotels). Expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of evidence of participation in the entire conference, a travel expense report and appropriate receipts.  A maximum of $750 is available (per participant).  Expenses for reimbursement can include conference registration, hotel guest room for 2 nights and mileage/airfare.  Some meals may be included in the reimbursement request provided they are not included as part of the conference.   All receipts must be submitted with a reimbursement request.

Requests for travel assistance should be sent via email to Laurie Wolinski – asap.